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Let's face it we've all been hurt at some point in our lives. However what many people don't know is that unless we have truly forgiven that person and ourselves we are still carrying an energetic imprint in our energy field that needs love and attention. This process doesn't have to be hard but it may involve some tears which waters seeds of the soul.

  • Learn how to release limited beliefs
  • Learn how to release trapped emotions
  • Identify your patterns and family patterns
  • Understanding how you are triggered and what to do about it
  • Tap into your inner child
  • Understanding Karma
  • Dive deep into forgiving yourself and the other person
  • And much more

Release imbalances from emotional, mental, physical wounds

Together we will release deep rooted trapped emotions that are stored in your cellular memory as we move into a space of love, forgiveness and understanding. Learn how to override old programming emotionally and mentally so you may step into you most authentic self.

  • Self-Purification
  • Self-Observation
  • Self-Empowement
  • Self-Realizations
  • Feeling lighter and calmer in their body
  • Removal of emotional blocks
  • Reduce or eliminate pain
  • Release negative elementals & negative thought forms
  • More energy
  • Removal of negative attachments and cords
  • And much more

Soul to Soul Meditation

The soul knows what you need anything from clearing upcoming obstacles to stuck energy that is trapped emotionally, mentally, pshycially, or sprirtually. Allow the light from the soul to activate different levels of your divine presence.

  • Feeling lighter and calmer in their body
  • Removal of emotional blocks
  • Reduce or eliminate pain
  • Deep clarity and focus
  • Release negative elementals & negative thought forms
  • Removal of karmic blocks
  • Removal or lessoning of obstacles
  • Balance chakras
  • More energy
  • Releasement of fear
  • Removal of negative attachments and cords
  • Release imbalances from addictions, fears and phobias
  • Upgrades of the divine DNA blueprint
  • And much more

Our Mission

To teach the orginal way of being by helpling you raise your consciousness & open your heart through personal discovery, the power of forgiveness, and the art of letting go.

Thank you for discovering us. May our journey together be transforming, healing and magical.

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Mediumship / Akashic Records

Sometimes we all need a little more guidance from someone who can see things from a higher perspective. Receiving messages for our loved ones brings peace to us while we are here.

Community Class

Join us for group meditations and group discussions. We will talk about anything from the do's and don't of dating to, esoteric studies, to how to heal emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.



There is noting more rewarding to me than watching my clients step into there power and rise above the bullshit. I am blessed to be able to do what I do. And am beyond grateful to be able to provide a safe space for all those in need.

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Give yourself permission to walk through new doors. Move in alignment with what empowers your soul and aligns you with your spirit. That does not mean it will be easy but it does mean you will walk away with the tools to use in everyday life that will allow you to create a foundation that is solid and stable.

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Meditation, Healing, Mediumship & More

Mind, Body, & Soul

Bring balance into your life by aligning your mind, body and soul. Reconnect with the essece of who you are.

Intutive Coaching

Here to help you navigate your way through the cobs webs of self destruction.

Psychic / Mediumship

Receiving messages for the divine. Sometimes knowing your loved one is okay brings peace to the soul.

Akashic Records

Open up the records of your past, present and future to bring a deeper sense of understanding, clarity and guidence into your life.

Self Empowerment

Here to help you take back your power and realign with the truth of who you are.

Self Mastery

Give yourself the luxury to know thyself.

Self Awareness

When you raise your awareness you see your inner and outer world with new eyes.

Self Reflection

Allow grace to guide you as you embrace the courage to relect on what is mirroring back at you,


We will call you at the time of our scheduled appointment. If you do not answer we will call back within 15 minutes. If you still don’t answer our session will be canceled with no refund. This goes for in person sessions too. Please note I am not a doctor. I do not diagnose anyone. I am a facilitator healing, spiritual coach and a channel for the divine.


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