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Example of a real life story:

In 2017 Nicole heard spirit tell her to reach out to one of her clients named Miki. Miki said "how did you know to call me?" She was stressing out do to a family situation. Nicole said "spirit told me to call you... I will come visit you." At the time Nicole lived in Wisconsin, her client lived in Illinois. Nicole knew exactly she needed to do.

After visiting with her client, they decided to travel to a store nearby. On the way they passed a teenage girl walking her bike. It was clear she was not having a good day. After leaving the store they saw her again, but this time her tire on her bike was off and flat... Miki said, "should we stop?" Nicole said, "we have to stop." Nicole got out of the car and said can we help...

The girl had the look of fuck my life on her face... Nicole said "wait, first let me give you a hug." They started talking when Nicole asked the girl where she lived? She replied, "not far from here".

Miki had to pick up her daughter and this girls' bike wasn't going to fit in her vehicle. So, Nicole offered to walk with her to get her bike home. The girl looked at her like she was crazy and said, "are you serious"? Nicole said "yeah, Miki can pick me up once she gets her daughter."

The girl and Nicole started walking. she started telling Nicole about everything that was going on in her life. They sat down on a bench, so she could cry it out. Nicole gave the girl her card and said call me whenever you need me.

Miki was so moved so moved by the experience she looked at Nicole and said, "so that's how this works?" Nicole smiled and said "yep, that's how this works." Miki said "I am going to buy that girl a new bike." We went back to Miki's house; her neighbor was visiting... we started talking about what happened.

He said, "I saw that girl, she was carrying a tire." Nicole said "yeah, and I was walking the bike". He looked embarrassed and said, "and I didn't stop."

That evening, Miki and I went to the store. She picked out fabulous new bike for the girl. We stop back at her house and asked her to come outside. She was in shock seeing us standing there with a brand new bike. She gave us a hug and looked at me and said "I told my mom about you. I told her you were like an angel that came out of nowhere to help me."

So much love transpired in that day... We are all here to do Gods work... to see where we can be of service. Not because we are told it's the right thing to do but because we know in our hearts it the right thing to do.

At the time Nicole was homeless living out of my friends house who let her sleep in her daughters room. She was making very little to no money with nothing left in my banking account. Miki had just lost her job.

The value for what we do is priceless but if Nicole had to put a number on it she'd would say it would be aroud $369,369,369,369.00

The spiritual journey is filled with levels, tests and obstacles... The only way out it is through our heart so be mindful as to how gracefully you move up the ladder.

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