Our Mission

Beautiful Souls (BS) Mission is a Spiritual Center for Creativity, Inner Peace and Wholeness.

We are a 508(c)(1)(a) non-profit, tax exempt, Faith Based Organization. We honor the way of Oneness with all that is. Sometimes, know as the Tao.

We stand in the truth of love, compassion and understanding. We see the truth in who you are... we see the divinity within you.

We empower people to reconnect to the essence of who they are by helping them uncover deep hidden blocks that are stuck in their emotional body and psyche. Most people are not even aware of the baggage they are carrying.

You are not your mistakes. You are not the lower energy that you are carrying. You are divine. You are love. You are pure goodness waiting to be expressed and explored.

We believe each person has there own unique connection to the Divine.

We are a spirit-led community. You may be wondering what exactly that is... Spirit knows who needs help and we are here listening for the call. When spirit says to go to a place at a certain time we go. When spirit says to reach out to a certain person, we reach out. Most of the time there is a unique opportunity to help a person in need. It could be as simple as a phone call but that phone call could be the difference between life and death.

Pure Love. Goodness. Justice-Fairness. Beauty-Grace. Wholeness. Self Empowerment. Love of Self and Love of Others. Power in line with the movement of higher consciousness. Abundance. Prosperity. Self-Discovery.

1. This process is about you and your connection to your orginal spirit. Our teachings are designed to return you to the orignal spirit of all that is good.
2. Are you ready to be really honest with yourself? Spirit is going to help you understand yourself more. And show you all the ways you are not coming from your heart.
3. Discipline is a MUST on this journey.
4. Spirit will be helping you so know you're not alone. How do you know it's your spirit guides, god, higher self? Because the energy feels loving, compassionate and understanding. The thoughts are benevolent.
5. The joy of this is that you are not in competition with anyone but yourself. So go at your own pace.
6. Remember you are choosing to reconnect with the essence of who you are.

Trust Your Guidance

Nicole is a Spiritual Teacher and Facilitator who believes that by reconnecting with our Source energy, we can truly see ourselves, as well as a reflection of ourselves in others, and heal the limiting beliefs that are preventing us from living the life we’re meant to live. She educates people and gives them the tools to help navigate through a world filled with so much chaos.

Nicole’s life experiences led her to this work. She realized that if she was going to be a spiritual teacher and healer, the first person she needed to be honest with was herself. She began connecting with her Higher Self and, each time she followed the guidance she received, synchronicity followed. Trusting the guidance always led her to the next step.

Darkness Gives Way to Light

She went through a “Dark Night of the Soul,” purging trapped emotions from this life, and previous lives, and she realized she had passed these on to her son and grandchildren. From this, she learned how to identify other people’s patterns, and heal them.

People Resist Healing

Resistance is normal, Nicole says. Most of us don’t like looking inward because it makes us feel vulnerable. We’ve been trained to swallow our tears, instead of asking, “Why does this bother me?” When you ask your Higher Self the question, you’ll get the answers. We have just forgotten how to ask.

Limiting Beliefs May Not Be Yours

Once you’ve identified the emotion, then ask, “Who does this belong to?” Whatever the answer, do YOU really believe this limiting belief? Knowing it’s not yours will help you release it.

See Others in Light

Nicole says we tend to see people in their flaws, holding them in that energy. She sees her clients in a state of wellness, holding them in the vibration of where they want to be, which gets them there much more quickly.

Water Your Soul

Clients sit with their trapped emotions. Nicole asks them to think of the very first time they felt that way in this lifetime, and when the memory comes, usually, so do the tears. Nicole says, “crying waters the seeds of the soul,” and helps us to heal from the inside out.

“Quantum Healing in Parallel Universes”

Taking it even further, Nicole helps her clients identify their patterns by looking backwards. She calls in the trapped emotions lodged within a specific pattern. Because her energy is high, she is able to override the opposite emotion of the trapped emotion AND the root event simultaneously, as well as any limiting belief that is tied to it. When this is done, the trigger disappears.

The Three Roles

In every event, there is a Victim, a Victimizer, and an Observer. All three must be healed to ensure history doesn’t repeat itself. Each role carries the same trapped emotion. Nicole points out that the victimizer doesn’t have to be present for that role to be healed.

Nicole Heard A Message

Nicole received the push to follow the spiritual path three times throughout her life, but the first two weren’t meant to be. The third push occurred just a few years ago, and the message was clear: “Do it NOW!” She became a certified Life Coach, an Emotion Code Practitioner, certified in Tibetan Reiki I & II, and is an Ordained Minister. She says that once she focused on honoring and loving herself, there was no stopping her.

The Most Important Relationships

Nicole talks about healing the relationships closest to her, mainly her son and his father. She healed her anger toward her son’s father, and that helped him and their son to heal. She now sees him instead of his mistakes. She healed a past-life relationship with her own father, and that spread to the entire family. Nicole stresses that healing yourself first is vital. When you’ve healed, you see people for who they truly are, and understand why they’re doing what they’re doing, with no judgment.

Nicole’s Biggest Teacher

Her biggest teacher has been her son. He was doing everything "wrong", and when she decided to see the best in him instead of his mistakes, it allowed her to remove judgement and just support him. Highlighting mistakes is how we got to where we are in this world, and it does the exact opposite of rebuilding people.

Everyone is a Reflection of You

Nicole says if you yell at someone, you are really yelling at yourself, something in you that you need to heal. If someone is yelling at you, and you send them love, that’s what you’ll get back. Even animals are mirrors. She killed a centipede once, only to see a larger one later. She sent it love, and hasn’t seen one since. What we fear, we are bound to. And when we’re out of balance inside, it is reflected in our world outside.


If you rise in consciousness, but don’t clear trapped emotions, the fall is that much harder. Nicole calls this, “Wobbling.” She says thoughts are electric and emotions are magnetic, and when they are not in balance, you wobble. In this state, things you want will not be able to get in and will “bounce off you.” She helps get to the root, getting you out of the matrix and allowing the things you want into your life.

Writen by Lisa Meisels. Featured on Empowered Living Show.