Live Testimonials

Though my journey with Nicole continues,

I wanted to share my experience til now. I’ve been working with her off and on to heal myself and overcome pains of the past. In this time Nicole has been grounding, nurturing, patient and compassionate. She allows me to go on my own but is there with love, comfort, guidance and healing when I feel I need it. Nicole has pushed me to be more compassionate and release the patterns and beliefs that do not serve me or my family. Her wisdom and shared experience has reflected difficult truths for me to overcome. The process though difficult is helping me yield so much depth, understanding and healing. Nicole gifts me so many things from self love, acceptance, and a more peaceful, loving and happy life. I’m ever so grateful to have crossed paths with her and for being able to cultivate my growth with her gifts. - Shifali E. San Fransisco, California

She helped me experience compassion...

Nicole contacted me because I placed an ad on a spiritual living group searching for spiritual counseling. I had been feeling resentful, bitter and jealous of other people´s lives for a long time. I had lost motivation and purpose to grow and was basically running on autopilot. There was a deep frustration inside myself and every endeavor I started just didn´t bring good results, I felt it was difficult to connect to people and feel them, so I isolated myself more and more till the point of not coming out of bed for a long time.

I was searching for someone who could help me to figure out what was wrong, to reconnect to my passion and find a purpose to participate in life again and find joy in the things I was doing.

First I was skeptical to work over Skype because I thought it was very un-personal. But finally I gave it a try and Nicole´s open and warm-hearted and understanding personality made me feel comfortable immediately. I noticed that Nicole is truly devoted to what she does and is very generous with her help and guidance.

It was easy to open up because she does not judge. She helps you to embrace and heal parts of you that you are usually too embarrassed to talk about because they are considered “bad”.

She helped me to let go of an issue that I was stuck with and that caused me a lot of confusion, explaining why it was energetically better to let go.

She is an awesome listener, which is a very precious quality and she does not force her opinion on you, she does not judge and is very empathetic, very soft and that really helps to open up.

She guides you without imposing anything, she helps you to finds the answers inside. I felt “seen” and respected, which helped me to see and respect myself more.

Sincerely, Dominika - Barcelona, Spain

The universe brought Nicole into my life...

Over the past ten years I have worked with several awesome energy healers, but none of those experiences can compare to what I experienced during my two sessions with Nicole. It is almost difficult to put into words how intense the clearing and healing energy I felt after each session. The issues that we worked on were deeply rooted patterns and trauma that have been plaguing me my whole life and in previous lifetimes. For this first time on my healing path I finally feel as if those patterns are becoming undone and I am free from the negative force they have had my life. The level to which Nicole is able to connect with her clients is simply magical. There is no doubt that the universe brought Nicole into my life in divine and perfect timing. If you are ready to take your healing and self development to the next level, then you have come to the right place. If you were brought to this page and are feeling drawn to working with Nicole I urge you to listen to that divine guidance because your life is about to change once you decide to work with her. I am so grateful for the energy exchanges I get to have with Nicole and look forward to seeing where this healing journey will continue to take me. - Ashely O. - Buffalo, New York

I had the most amazing healing from Nicole.

The emotional healing was mind blowing and indeed felt the relief of these emotions leaving my body. The whole visit indeed was priceless and empowering. I highly recommend Nicole for these amazing experiences. Looking forward to more sessions with her. Just loved it! - Elage T. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Smililing from the inside out...

I used to be jealous of those people who just shined, like you could feel their shiny presence when you were around them and then I realized I'm now one of them. It's so awesome to be healed! And shiny and positive. I've had multiple people comment on how happy I look and been told I'm the kinda girl who's ready for a relationship and these people continue to say I'll find a good man and are on the look out for me. But I LOVE being healed and people noticing and being a presence they want to be around. This feeling is so awesome, inside and out I feel amazing! And I thank you for that. You are so talented and awesome. Oh and that job I wanted is in the works. - Jen J. - Milwaukee, WI