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Master Teacher / Coach / Medium

Nicole Lynnay

is a Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Truth, Knowledge & Wisdom Speaker, Psychic-Medium, Intuitive Coach, Meditation Specialist, Emotion Code Practitioner and more

She uses her gift to empower people to embrace their essence, raise their consciousness and open their heart through personal discovery, the power of forgiveness, the art of letting go and releasing trapped emotions.

In 2016 Nicole went through a major spiritual awakening. Now, she teaches others how to heal emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually .

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Heaven & The Void

  • The Void: The void is the place of un-attachment, openness, potential for the greatest creativity.
  • Heavenly Realm: What God would like for you. How God can help you or make a change on your life path for you. Why certain people are in your life. What was planned or wasn’t planned. If a marriage or business is beneficial for you. Seeing the past, present and future
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Councils of Communication

  • Member of Lord Saint Germain Counsel
  • Oversees people that are here on mission. Helps people understand what they need for their training, timing, initiations.

  • Access to the Akashic Records and Global Akashic Records
  • Talks about karma, career issues, financial issues, misc: past life issues, physical, emotional, mental, community issues, group karma issues, karmic repentance’s issues etc. Global akashic records provides you with what your agreements are with this country and other countries.

  • Soul Mate Councel of Love
  • Adam and Eve. Soulmates have such great love for each other they have a eternal contract.

  • Past, Present and Future
  • And More
Empower Yourself

Spiritual Coach | Personal Development

A good spiritaul coach has spiritual integrity, healthy morals, healthy core values and ethics.

A Soul Coach takes you into the depths of your soul to discover the truth about yourself and your life. A Soul Coach helps you clear away the entangled web of destruction. Which allows you to discover your own inner truth and wisdom. This is a very special coaching process that acknowledges that inner being as your soul and higher self, know the answer.

Together we will move into a space of love, forgiveness and understanding with our one on one healing conversation. Our intuitive and heartfelt converstation will bring clarity to your unresolved issue.


We will call you at the time of our scheduled appointment. If you do not answer we will call back within 15 minutes. If you still don’t answer our session will be canceled with no refund. This goes for in person sessions too. Please note I am not a doctor. I do not diagnose anyone. I am a facilitator healing, spiritual coach and a channel for the divine.